All DRKNs apparel is made from scratch. Outerwear to t-shirts are designed at DRKN with the highest level of detail and quality. What materials used are specified on each item in the description.

That high quality level is created through cut and sew which means it has been customized from raw fabric rather then one that has been purchased from a third-party supplier.
DRKN will never ship you a mass-produced item.


We believe life is like a game. We wake up and press play. Then it’s up to ourselves to take control of our own destiny. We founded and built our brand on that idea. We believe in games making this world better. And more fun. That’s why we draw inspiration from games in creating DRKN_

DRKN is not like any other lifestyle brand. Everything we do is inspired by games. From design to marketing and sales strategies, to our culture and everyone involved. However, a high-score is worth nothing to a non-gamer. So, we take what we find cool in the real world and add that last ingredient. As our secret spice in the mix. DRKN will manifest your gaming status in the coolest club in LA, New York, Tokyo, Seoul or London. The initiated will understand your symbols and respect you secret weapon in the real world_

‘Cause, We are dedicated to turn true gamers into heroes in the real world. From now on nothing will ever be the same_